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Additional Learning Resources

At Nature Vidya, we have tried to compile environment related learning materials from various organizations, to make them easily available to nature educators. We have provided materials related to birds, garbology, human wildlife conflict and other topics. We hope these will help you in your teaching journey.



Garbage poster Hindi

Posters related to the problem of are available on the following topics:

  • Trash and animals

  • Quit plastic and thermocol disposables

  • Health impacts of plastics

  • Waste Segregation and plastic alternatives

The Plastic posters  are available in  both Hindi and English .

Pit Composting


Pot Composting

Lemon Cleanser(Bioenzyme made with citrus peels)



Courtesy: Do-No Trash Project by Nature Science Initiative


Hornbills and Bulbuls of Western Himalayas Poster

Courtesy : Nature Science Initiative




Birds of Uttarakhand Pocket Guide

Courtesy : NSI and  NCF


Birds Around Us Interactive Poster (in Hindi and English)

Courtesy : Early Bird


hornbill image



Quit Disposables

styrofoam cup

Killer Styrofoam film

Courtesy : Nature Science Initiative

Styro Bomb film

Courtesy : Nature Science Initiative

Human Wildlife Conflict


Guldar Ke Dagadiye film

Courtesy : Titli Trust

Guldar Ki Paathshala film

Courtesy : Titli Trust


Bhola and Friends film

Courtesy : Titli Trust and Our Better World

Citizen Science


Monitor changing seasonal patterns by observing trees.


Identify and record birds around you.




Identify and record findings in your natural surroundings

season watch

Books and Guides

secret garden hindi
Handbook for bird educators

The Secret Garden Book

Discover the secret world of Fig trees like Peepal & Banyan

Courtesy : Nature Science Initiative

Common Trees of India (कॉमन ट्रीस ऑफ़ इंडिया)

Courtesy : Seasonwatch

Moths of India

Courtesy : Indian Foundation for Butterflies and National Centre For Biological Sciences (NCBS)

Butterflies of India (भारत की तितलियाँ)

Courtesy : Indian Foundation for Butterflies and  National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)

Biodiversity Atlas of India

An online atlas covering India's biodiversity

Courtesy : National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)


SeasonWatch Handbook [English]

Observe and  monitor common trees found in India to

understand the effect of climate change.

Courtesy : Seasonwatch

Handbook for Bird Educators

A guide to educate about birds in an engaging manner.

Courtesy : Early Bird

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