About us

Nature Vidya was developed by Nature Science Initiative(NSI) ,supported by Janaki Devi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha(JBGVS). The main aim is to support nature and environment education in the Western Himalayan region. This is the first platform to develop Hindi content to support educators working in this region.


Nature Vidya is designed to complement the EVS syllabus by NCERT and introduce new themes such as plastic, climate change, energy and biodiversity. The content is primarily meant for educators, and targets children in classes 3,4 & 5. The content can be used for higher classes as well.


Nature Vidya takes an activity-based approach, providing educators tools to get children to make their own observations, giving examples from local Himalayan ecosystems.

Why do  we need nature-centered education? 

To anchor education in observation, and to build a close association with environmental values, it's essential to anchor education within our natural surroundings. An outdoor, nature-centered education system has been shown to lead to development of strong leadership and analytical skills among students.


A nature observation-based approach to teaching, encourages students towards self-learning and making inferences from their own observations. Nature observation skills can lay the foundation towards developing independent and confident thinkers, with strong problem solving abilities. As well as better overall IQ and EQ development.


NSI was set up to strengthen networks of researchers and institutions based in north India, in order to facilitate long-term research and biodiversity conservation programs.Nature Vidya is an extension of NSI's mission.



Our Vision

We believe in connecting children with their immediate natural surroundings.

Kids develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for nature through observation and immersion.


Our Mission

Our idea is to make nature education more localised, engaging and observation-based. We aim to achieve this by creating easily accessible nature education resources for educators.

Our Objectives

  • To strengthen the network of nature educators.

  • To enable students to learn from their own observations of nature

  • To connect students with natural life around them, in their own neighbourhoods

  • To help students move towards a nature-centred value system.