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2.04 : Plastics And My Health

The activities are arranged sequentially .To access this activity, please download the previous activity.

This is the fourth activity in the Garbology theme activity series.

Plastic by itself is dull and hard. Several chemicals like BPA and phthalates are added in plastic, to make it colourful, shiny, soft or transparent. But these added chemicals are toxic and cause many health problems.

In children, these plasticky chemicals lead to attention deficiency & brain development issues. Thyroid, weight gain and depression are also linked to these plasticky chemicals.

The objective of this activity is to introduce children to health impacts of plastics.

Group size : 1-20

Equipment : Old Plastic container, new plastic container.

Location : Anywhere

Key terms : Toxicity in Plastic

"There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere." ~ Annie Leonard

This activity is a part of the Environment Education Program. To access the full activity, please register via the home page here.


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